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The rumours are true! COVID-19 vaccines are saving A LOT of lives. But there are still many more to save.

These estimates come from Dr. Tara Moriarty. Follow @MoriartyLab on Twitter for more excellent age- and region-specific data on COVID-19 in Canada.

Estimated lives saved are calculated by using data from meta analysis on death rates for covid-19 related to age (1) and vaccination rates in Canada (2).

There are limitations to this estimate. The death rate estimates from the meta-analysis are from before variants. That means more contagious variants like Delta aren’t covered here. In this way, the number of lives saved is actually an underestimate.

These calculations assume that, within the next year, we will all face the virus. It also assumes that the vaccine will offer us 100 percent protection from death. In this way the number of lives saved is an overestimate. The true rates of protection are between 94-97% (3,4,5,6).

These estimates aren’t perfect, but they give us a good insight into just how positive an impact vaccines are having.

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