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“Should I get Omicron and just get it over with?” 🤔

We’ve heard this line of thinking from our friends and family. But we’re here to tell you that getting COVID-19 isn’t inevitable and now isn’t the time to throw our hands in the air. 🙅‍♀️

The Omicron variant may be less likely to cause lung damage and severe disease, but it is not mild. We need more data to better understand the potential impact of Omicron on the population (1).

Omicron is spreading very easily, and hospitals are stretched. Hospitalizations are climbing FAST. Between Jan 3 and Jan 10, COVID-19 hospitalizations in Canada jumped from 4,113 to 6,926 and 290 more COVID-19 patients were admitted to an ICU. (2)

We get that talking about “flattening the curve” gives serious 2020 déjà vu. 😵‍💫 But it’s truly what we need to do! Healthcare workers are not just dealing with record case numbers – they are severely short staffed. There are several reasons for this, including healthcare workers becoming infected with COVID-19 (3, 4). The effects of this wave goes beyond this virus – our ENTIRE healthcare system becomes unstable

Everyone will NOT get COVID-19, and slowing the spread matters. We know many of you are doing all you can and will still become infected, that’s OK. There is no shame in getting COVID (it’s a pandemic, it’s not your fault). Vaccines will help you stay out of the hospital. Let’s continue to care for each other. If infected, isolate and let close contacts know. Continue to layer on protection (masks, ventilation, limit gatherings) and get your first, second or booster shot. Any reduction in transmission can save lives. 💉

As our friend Ed Yong wrote just before Christmas, “The infectious nature of a virus means that a tiny bad decision can cause exponential harm, but also that a tiny wise decision can do exponential good.” (5)


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