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Most people don’t WANT to share fake news.

A recent study found 80% of participants cared about sharing only accurate content online. And yet a lot of misinformation is out there!

The solution? A simple nudge to think about accuracy could help stop the spread.

  • In the same study, participants split into two groups.
    • Group 1 answered how likely they were to share 24 different news headlines on Facebook. This was the control group.
    • Group 2 rated the accuracy of a single headline. Then they were asked the same question as Group 1, how likely they were to share 24 different headlines. This was the treatment group.
  • Researchers found that Group 2 shared way less fake news than Group 1.

So the next time you are about to repost a juicy story, ask yourself, “is this accurate?” before you share.

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