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COVID-19 = “the great equalizer”? NOPE.

Many factors impact risk of catching COVID-19. Stats show higher cumulative (total) infection rates among people working in low paid, public-facing jobs & living in crowded households.

SO… to slow the spread of COVID-19, we need more than blanket “tougher” measures. Instead, we need a “smarter” and more equitable response that includes:
😷 Safety measures in workplaces
😷 Investment in *supportive measures* for those who are disproportionately affected (such as housing, paid sick leave)
😷 Income relief so people can stay at home if sick

While blaming rule-breakers is satisfying & easy, individualizing COVID-19 safety disregards the structural factors that underlie the spread of infection.

How can you advocate for better safety supports in your community?