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Did you know that your gut contains over a trillion microbial cells?

Yep, that’s right! The human gut contains many helpful bacteria that benefit our health (22).

Now the question is: Can something as simple as probiotics really support our gut microbiota? 🤔👇

Probiotics are products (e.g. yogurt, kombucha, supplements) that contain live bacteria/yeast, which when consumed, provide health benefits by briefly colonizing the gut (4,23). They are not the same as prebiotics which are foods that nourish your good gut bacteria (1,24).

As for the question of helpfulness, it does appear like there is evidence that probiotics can support gut health and may be helpful with certain health conditions (1,14). But, one thing that is certain is that there is still a lot that we don’t know when it comes to probiotics. Bottom line, probiotics are much more complicated than a one size fits all solution to all our problems.

Always talk with your healthcare provider before trying any supplement, including probiotics. They will know if they are safe for you and help you find the product that is the most likely to provide benefits (1,4).

If you are healthy, a varied diet might still be the best way to keep your good gut bacteria healthy and happy (18,25). So, enjoy foods like yogurt, kombucha, and cheese because they’re tasty! And they may also support your gut health!



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