Why Science Up First?

Good science can cut through misinformation when it’s packaged with creativity and empathy.

We combine expert scientific knowledge with social media know-how to create engaging content. By putting science up first, we inform, delight, and inspire people to make evidence-based decisions.

The infodemic

So when a global health emergency like COVID-19 hit in 2020, there was a flood of information, much of it false. The World Health Organization termed it an “infodemic.” Conspiracy theorists and fake “experts” seized the opportunity for their own personal gains. This came at the expense of our public health.

Often, people share misinformation by accident. There is so much confusing information out there that it’s hard to know what is true. So we work with experts to make science-backed posts you can trust.

What is “science,” anyway?

Science is a body of knowledge, and a process.

Putting “science up first” means:

  • Using the knowledge: Listening to experts. Referencing reliable sources. Staying up to date.
  • Respecting the process: Understanding how science works. Giving weight to well-controlled, peer-reviewed studies.

Following the best available science helps us make decisions that keep us safe.

Be a champion for good science in your network. Use the hashtag #ScienceUpFirst when you share good science!