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The fourth wave might be stressful, but here are 3 reasons to be optimistic:

1. We’ve learned so much! Through collaboration, innovation and with more resources, scientists have made huge gains (1). We now know so much more about protecting ourselves from this virus.

2. Vaccines! A year ago vaccines seemed far away. Now we have multiple safe and effective COVID-19 vaccines. COVID-19 vaccines protect against severe disease, hospitalization and death – even against the Delta variant (2). 66.81%¹ of people across Canada are now fully vaccinated 🥳 (3)!

3. Layers of protection! Masking, handwashing, social distancing, avoiding indoor and crowded places and improving ventilation – we know these public health measures help keep us safe. The Delta variant is more contagious so layering protection this fall and winter is a good call!

We are not at square one BUT we need to remain vigilant, keep getting folks vaccinated, and following good public health practices.

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