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Which COVID-19 vaccine is best?” ANSWER: The one that’s approved and available to you. Here’s why ⤵️

Each COVID-19 vaccine is different, so we might be tempted to shop around for “the best one.” 💉

But we have to remember that clinical trials were done at different times, in different places, and with different endpoints, so we can’t compare efficacy numbers from Phase 3 trials.

And in the meantime, ALL of the vaccines approved in Canada thus far had 100% efficacy against hospitalization and death in trials! Real world data collected outside of trials has been showing incredibly high effectiveness for preventing hospitalization and death too – that’s exactly what we need to end this crisis.

REMEMBER: If you wait for a specific vaccine, you’re NOT protected during that time.

Get vaccinated as soon as it becomes available to you! Your doctor and public health unit can answer specific questions.