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Look, nobody enjoys watching a baby get poked with needles 👶

Which is why some parents choose to delay some vaccinations until their child is older. But the routine vaccination schedule was designed to protect babies from a number of serious diseases (1, 2).

When it comes to vaccinating your baby, timing is everything ⏰.

Why do parents space out vaccines?

  • Fear of overloading baby’s immune system
  • Fear of causing baby pain/stress

It’s normal to worry, but there is no evidence to support these fears. Multiple vaccines do not overload the immune system or cause more stress than spaced out doses (3, 4).

What are the risks with spacing vaccines?

  • Incomplete protection from serious illness, disability, death
  • Greater chance of missing vaccines
  • More trips to the doctor’s office (5)

Is an alternative vaccine schedule effective?

  • No, alternative vaccine schedules put your baby at risk and are not recommended by doctors (6)

Reasons to follow the routine vaccination schedule:

  • Early, strong, and long-lasting protection for your baby’s many stages of development
  • Prevents spread of illness to others
  • Evidence-based safety and effectiveness (7)

Is your baby behind on their vaccinations?
That’s ok! There is a recommended catch-up schedule for infants and children (8).

Think of the routine vaccination schedule like an investment in your baby’s health. It’s an investment that pays off now and in the future.

Still concerned? Speak with your baby’s pediatrician during their next scheduled check-up.


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