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Is your preschooler feeling anxious about vaccines?

Here are a couple of easy ways you can support your child through vaccination:

  • Let them know a few days before that they are going to get a needle
  • If they ask if it’s going to hurt, be honest with them and validate their fears
  • Ask them if they would like to bring something special from home or if they would like a small treat after
  • Apply a numbing cream on the injection site
  • Make sure you are calm – stressed parents stress kids
  • Start distracting them a few minutes before the needle and throughout the vaccination
  • When it is all done, be sure to remind them how well they did.

A huge thank you to Dr. Rebecca Pillai Riddell, director of the Opportunities to Understand Childhood Hurt (O.U.C.H.) Laboratory at York University (@yorkuniversity), for her expertise in pain and fear management in children.

Reducing pain-related distress makes getting the amazing benefits of vaccination A LOT easier. Looking for more resources? Check out our partner Solutions for Kids in Pain (@kidsinpain)!


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